Month: January 2020

saltCast 010 – Counseling in Leadership pt2

We continue our discussion today with David Henniger about the role of counseling in leadership. David describes what counseling means and how it complements the role of a leader, especially in building missional teams domestically and internationally. He further discusses the stress and anxiety associated with leading and counseling. David also addresses ethical boundaries and limits in biblical/Christian counseling. 


saltCast 009 – Counseling in Leadership

saltCast visits this week with David Henniger about the role of counseling in leadership. Today, David specifically addresses theories and practices of counseling differentiating the concepts behind biblical/Christian counseling with secular counseling and how this can help leaders. David focuses on strengthening relationships and growing in one’s walk with God.


Bob Turner – Character

Nothing is more important to our leadership than character, but what kind of character does God seek from His leaders? In this saltTalk we discuss Psalm 15 and the character David describes is needed to dwell with God and lead His people.


saltCast 008 – Conflict Resolution

Preparatory Steps to Conflict Resolution: In this final saltCast on Conflict Resolution, once again we talk with the late Brandi Kendall about practical ways for leaders to approach resolving conflict when it happens within the church. Brandi guides us through a biblical discussion designed to create a healthy body of Christ. These steps provide a beautiful approach to conflict resolution.


saltCast 007 – Zero-Sum Outcome in Conflict

Zero-Sum Outcome in Conflict: As we continue to discuss conflict and conflict resolution, Brandi Kendall discusses the difficulties related to reaching a zero-sum outcome, or equality, in resolving conflict. Brandi comes full circle as he talks about distance and damage in relation to a zero-sum theology as we approach conflict. Sharing biblical principles, the discussion highlights how Jesus taught the value of this thought in relationship to conflict resolution.