Month: June 2020

saltCast029 Leadership Influences in the Home

Each minister understands the value of mentors and influences in their life. This week, Joe Wells co-founder of KAIO Publications talks about his background and work with KAIO. He talks about the influences that led him into ministry. He also shares valuable information about leadership in the home.


saltCast028 Racism and Leadership

Among the racial tensions in our country, today’s saltCast with brother Thomas L. Thomas discusses how to raise an awareness of racism with leaders in the church and how to address the challenges that exist. This sixteen minutes of conversation on such a vital topic is worth your time.


Bob Turner – Vision: The Future of God’s People

God reveals His vision for Abraham and his descendants in Genesis 13. In this saltTalk, Bob explores several key points from this encounter between God and Abraham along with how it relates to our vision as God’s people in the twenty-first century.


saltCast027 Influence of Culture on Leadership

With the deterioration of culture, how does the church respond? How do leaders respond? Brother Thomas L. Thomas with the Roosevelt Freeport congregation in Long Island, NY, focuses on suggestions to help leaders take action toward this deterioration.