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Bob’s daily blog of leadership points.

Please And Thank You…

I am constantly observing how our children work to train our grandchildren with proper etiquette. Every time one of the grandchildren ask for something; the parents question them. What do you say? After a little coaching, comes a word that sounds something like please. After receiving what they ask for, the question comes again. What do you say? Again, something closely associated with thank you is the response.

At such a young age, do children understand the concept of gratitude, or is it a matter of developing a habit? Parents hope by developing such habits at an early age, an understanding of the concepts will follow.

The idea provides a valuable lesson for leadership. There will be times when it is hard to understand why we are involved in developing certain habits. However, the continual activity in developing certain habits formulates our leadership and the understanding will follow.

Socrates said, “we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.”

Learning From Children…

Over the past few days my wife and I have enjoyed being around our granddaughter. There are many lessons I have learned from watching her with application to leadership.

One, she is an explorer. Wherever we are she begins an adventure. She wants to look behind every door and see what is on the other side.

Second, she never meets a stranger. She finds her way around to greet everyone with a smile. If you are paying attention, you might even get a hug. She loves everyone who will look and the influence is noticeable.

Third, she knows how to lead. I love the way she walks up and takes me by the hand to lead me where she wants me to go.

I believe you get the picture. As leaders, we need to be adventurers, looking behind every door, exploring all possibilities. We should always greet others, no matter who they are, and learn how to influence them by our love. Perhaps above all, we need to learn the gentle nature of leading others by the hand. It is much easier than getting behind and pushing.

Are You Connected?

Traveling brings many challenges to the concept of staying connected. I am constantly looking for some way, anyway to get connected to the internet. There is always a need to send and/or receive e-mail. Family, friends, work, and others make up a list of those I connect with daily. However, connection extends beyond a technological method of communication.

Parents need to be connected to their children.

Employers need to be connected to their employees.

Teachers need to be connected to their students.

Elders need to be connected to the members within a congregation.

Leadership involves the concept of connection.

Connecting to people means…

1) Being transparent so others know us.

2) Getting involved in the lives of others, one at a time and personally.

3) Consistency in our treatment of others.

4) Giving people something to believe in.

Remember, as others have said; “before asking for the hand, first touch the heart.” Reaching others emotionally is where connection begins. Considering our leadership, are we connected?

There’s Nothing Quite Like It…

I remember the first time I drank a Grape Nehi and an Orange Crush. I thought, there is nothing quite like it.

I also remember the first time I drove a car and thought the same.

There are hundreds of experiences in life that tend to be so unique there is really nothing else quite like it.

There is nothing quite like the first day of school.

There is nothing quite like the first date.

There is nothing quite like the first time we say, “I love you.”

There is nothing quite like hearing it.

There is nothing quite like the first job.

As well, there is nothing quite like the day we become a Christian.

There is also nothing quite like leadership. We are all leading someone. The question is “where?” We cannot make excuses when it comes to leadership. Instead, we need to step up and take responsibility for our leadership and lead as God would have us lead. There is nothing else quite like it.

Does It Matter?

The question demands consideration in every area of life.

When deciding where to live and raise a family, does it matter?

When choosing a career, does it matter?

When examining the influence of our attitudes and actions on the world around us, does it matter?

When approaching scripture, does it matter?

When viewing the spiritual wellbeing of each soul, does it matter?

The answer we give to each question has an impact on the choice and direction of our leadership. We must realize it does matter.

We must give greater thought to our approach in leadership, because it does matter.

The souls all around us depend on our realization that it does matter.
It matters greatly!

FaceBook Leadership…

Is it surprising that Facebook is so popular among young and old?

The various ways “friends” use Facebook to post the activities of their life can be surprising.

Posts range from a play-by-play view of every event of the day to the promotion of new entrepreneurial endeavors.

Facebook, like many other media venues, can be used for good and bad.

I find Facebook as a powerful tool to advocate some leadership principles. One primary opportunity Facebook affords each of us is to encourage others and point them in a positive direction.

Some of my friends do this by posting a passage of scripture. What a great way to provide spiritual leadership.

Some choose to speak of the creative beauty of God’s creation.

Others use the opportunity to speak encouraging words to help build up friends.

I would love to see more creativity in using Facebook to provide greater levels of spiritual leadership. Also, remember less is more when it comes to posts. The same is true in leadership.

A Minimum Of Four…

Today is the fourth day of October 2010. The number four has been used a number of ways Biblically and throughout history. However, there is something significant about the number four today.

Not only because it is the fourth day of October, but the number four represents the minimum number of people you will influence this day. In fact, the average person will influence a minimum of four people everyday.

So, why is today any different? It isn’t. This is just a reminder for all of us to provide the kind of leadership to influence these four people in the right way.

You and I have an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life by our influence, our leadership.

This fact should motivate all of us to learn more about leading. As well, we should give much greater consideration to the power of our influence. We need to give thought to the words we use, the attitudes we display, and our actions.

“A Minimum Of Four”   Think about it. Who will influence you and who will you influence?

It’s The First Day…

Today is the first day of October. Have you ever heard someone say, “it’s the first day of the rest of your life?”

The Bible records many “firsts.” In Genesis we read about the first day, the first plants, animals, etc. We also read about the first man and woman, first children, and the first sin.

From the time we are born there are many firsts. We take our first step. There is the first day of school. Then we have our first car, first date, first kiss.

Later, in marriage, we have our first child and the experience of life begins again.

As leaders, there are many firsts as well. Today is the first day of a new podcast Wayne Roberts and I begin in discussing Homiletics. This is another first in opportunities.

If this is truly the first day of the rest of our lives, then how are we going to lead? Will we take that step to lead others?

This may be the first opportunity to influence someone for Jesus. Make this first step the best step in leadership.


I remember the first time I heard a someone say, “I’ll be your Huckleberry.” I knew that no matter what happened, he would, as we say, “have my back.” He would defend me and help me, no matter what happened.

God’s word teaches us how Jesus is our Advocate, Mediator, Intercessor, and several additional terms. These terms identify Jesus as someone who is there to defend us. There are going to be times when life happens and we struggle with various trials. Temptation works to destroy our faith and foundation.

However, Jesus is there to stand beside us and provide aid.

As leaders, we have a responsibility to the people who are following. They need to know they have a leader who is going to be there to defend them, to stand beside them no matter the trial.

Be their Huckleberry. When we do we are building relationships as greater leaders.

How’s My Driving?

Perhaps you have seen the bumper stickers with a phone number next to the question.

I wonder, does anyone ever really call the number?

Do we take the time to observe a person’s driving and call to report to their superiors?

Generally, if someone calls, it is only to report inappropriate driving skills. Rarely would someone take the time to call and commend the driving of someone else.

It begs the question, “How’s my leadership?”

Do we take time to observe our leadership and take note of our abilities, activities, and accomplishments? Are we critical or commending?

As imperative the need for leadership, we must observe how we are leading. If our leading is inappropriate, then we need to make changes. If it is commendable, then strive to excel still more.