saltShop Leadership Training Experience

SALT is hosting a leadership training workshop at the Madison congregation in Madison, Alabama, April 24-25 (Friday night and Saturday morning).

Friday night, April 24 – Registration from 5:30-6:00    Dinner at 6:00

Keynote Topics
Fri. 7 pm Instilling the Heart of a Leader in the Next Generation (David Shannon) 
Sat. 11 am The Heart of a Servant Leader (Gary Bradley)


Saturday, April 25 – Continental Breakfast from 8:30-9:00

Three breakout sessions – 9:00 – 9:45 am

  1.  Empowering Others to Serve – Scott Latham
  2. Communication and Leadership – Bob Turner
  3. Transforming a Dying Church – Gary Bradley

Three breakout sessions – 10:00 – 10:45 am

  1.  Blessings of a Shepherd / Elder – Kirt Brothers
  2. Character – Knowing Who You are as a Shepherd – Rick Glass
  3. Biblical Leadership – Mike Winkler

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Among the multiple challenges that exist in our world today, leadership rises to the top. Many claim that everything rises and falls on leadership, and the need for strong leaders cannot be overstated. We see it on every level, including the church of our Lord. Congregations across this country and around the world are starving for biblical leaders. 

Because this crisis has grown to epidemic proportions we are left with the need to answer several questions:

  • Why does a lack of leadership exist in the church today?
  • What does biblical leadership look like in the twenty-first century?
  • How can we transform a dying church into the one God desires?
  • What must be done to prepare leaders in the next generation?

These few questions are among many that demand answers. How we answer them and address the critical need in the twenty-first century will determine the future of the church for our children and grandchildren.

On April 24-25 the Sunset Academy of Leadership Training (SALT) will host its first Elder’s Leadership Workshop at the Madison Church of Christ in Madison, Alabama. This workshop is designed for those who serve as elders as well as those who will potentially serve one day. Lessons will address questions facing the church in the twenty-first century relating to leadership and leadership development. 

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