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saltCast036 Developing Scholar Practitioners

Developing scholar practitioners promotes greater leadership in the church. While biblical training is critical for all Christians, Brandon Edwards joins us again to discuss an incredible resource for leaders, the Harbinger Theological Seminary. HTS is designed is not just for leaders, but anyone who desires to study and strengthen their faith.


saltCast035 Aggos – A Global Tool

All leaders would love a tool that connects Christians everywhere. This week, Brandon Edwards, Global Missions Minister with the Nashville Church of Christ, shares information about Aggos, a tool that helps leaders connect with Christians locally and internationally.


saltCast034 Preparing Future Leaders

Where do future leaders come from and how can a congregation prepare men to lead. Jeff Archey joins us again to talk about the challenges facing leaders today. He explains the biblical roles and responsibilities of leaders in the church and what can be done to prepare the next generation.


saltCast033 The International Gospel Hour

The Gospel has the power to change lives. This week, Jeff Archey, Director of the International Gospel Hour (IGH) spends time talking about his background and work with IGH and what they offer to local congregations, as well as, the international presence of IGH.


saltCast032 An International Impact

House to House, Heart to Heart has an amazing international footprint. Matt Wallin spends time discussing the international impact of House to House, Heart to Heart, which is now printed in Spanish, French, Chinese and more. He also shares some powerful stories of lives changed by the impact of this publication.


saltCast031 Leadership Resources – House to House, Heart to Heart

Leaders constantly need resources. In today’s saltCast, Bob talks with Matt Wallin from House to House, Heart to Heart. Matt discusses how leaders can benefit from this resource in their congregation and outreach in the community.


SaltCast030 Leadership in the Church

Leadership in the home provides a biblical foundation for understanding leadership in the church. Joe Wells, co-founder of KAIO Publications, continues to discuss leadership as it relates to the church. Joe talks about some of the major challenges leaders face today and he wraps up with a discussion on how leaders can advise young couples who are considering marriage.


saltCast029 Leadership Influences in the Home

Each minister understands the value of mentors and influences in their life. This week, Joe Wells co-founder of KAIO Publications talks about his background and work with KAIO. He talks about the influences that led him into ministry. He also shares valuable information about leadership in the home.


saltCast028 Racism and Leadership

Among the racial tensions in our country, today’s saltCast with brother Thomas L. Thomas discusses how to raise an awareness of racism with leaders in the church and how to address the challenges that exist. This sixteen minutes of conversation on such a vital topic is worth your time.


Bob Turner – Vision: The Future of God’s People

God reveals His vision for Abraham and his descendants in Genesis 13. In this saltTalk, Bob explores several key points from this encounter between God and Abraham along with how it relates to our vision as God’s people in the twenty-first century.