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Leadership Character

I receive several blogs each day, and all of them focus on leadership. While reading a blog by Rory Vaden, I came across this thought, “As a leader, your influence will never grow wider than your character runs deep.”

Leaders exist because of influence. The measure of their influence is determined by their character.

We need stronger leaders, and we build them through character development.

What type of character do leaders need? Integrity? Respect? Credibility? Trust?

The list goes on and on. Time spent investing in our character pays immeasurable dividends in our leadership influence.

The Power of Memory

Memory is one of the most powerful qualities of the brain as designed by God.

Memory also opens the portholes of our minds to reminisce about the events and decisions of life.

Leaders who are able to reminisce about past events that build upon achievement, victories over trials or failures, and the strength of morale will motivate others to find something deep inside that drives who they are and where they want to go.

The power of reminiscing makes the difference between being consumed with regret over past mistakes and the elation of knowing something better is ahead.