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Elders and Prayer

One of the most important and valuable tools for any elder is prayer. Take a few moments to listen as Bob discusses the value and impact of prayer with the elders at the Mannford Church of Christ. The relationship these men have with God through prayer has changed their lives, their leadership, and the church in Mannford.


A Winning Combination

Paul identifies the need for Christians to have the same mind that was in Christ (Phi. 2:5), but what is that mind?
Notice the phrases that characterize the mind Paul wants all Christians to possess.

1) Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit.
2) With humility regard others as more important than yourself.
3) Do not look out for your own interests.
4) Look out for the interest of others.

These four phrases are summed up in the life of Christ: a selfless humility that puts others above self.
Jesus and others is a winning combination for leadership.

Apologetics and Leadership

What is apologetics? How does this study impact our Christianity? What do leaders need to know about apologetics? Today, we are joined by Dean Meadows, who serves as the Executive Director of The Daily Apologist. Dean’s background and education make him uniquely qualified as an apologist, and what he shares in this discussion will show you why this study is so needed.


Humbled by a Pandemic

In this concluding interview with Bob, brothers Danny Cash and Johnny Vincent from the Martin Church of Christ in Martin, Tennessee talk about the humbling impact of the coronavirus pandemic. They also talk about the spiritual growth of the elders and the greatest challenges they have experienced.


Connect Teams

Johnny Vincent and Danny Cash, elders with the church in Martin, Tennessee visit with Bob about steps leaders have taken to help the congregation during the pandemic. They discuss Connect Teams, a tool they have used to keep communication open with members of the Martin congregation.


Stressful Leadership

Leading during a time of pandemic often creates stress on numerous levels. As Bob continues his discussion with Roff McDaniel from Hopewell, Virginia, brother McDaniel talks about the stress leaders at Cawson Street have experienced. He also talks about the decision making process and shares advice to help others who lead with the stress of a crisis.


Why Assembling Is Needed

Roff McDaniel, an elder with the Cawson Street Church of Christ in Hopewell, Virginia, visits with Bob this week to discuss how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the congregation. Brother McDaniel talks about the reception of online streaming among members, but also why the church needs to assemble and be together as Christians.


Personal Challenges

When leaders face personal difficulties, an eldership struggles. In my discussion with Buddy Martin, Buddy talks about how the elders at the University congregation have drawn closer during this pandemic, even though they are dealing with personal challenges.


Leading Transition

All leaders face the challenge of leading during a time of transition. Buddy Martin, with the University Church of Christ in San Marcos, TX talks with Bob about leading transition. He shares information about how they continue to work together through the transition of the coronavirus pandemic.


Leading in the Northwest

In our continuing discussion about leading during a pandemic, Jabez Harlan talks about how the leadership in the Northwest have grown during this time. He also shares timely advice to help others who are leading.