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Bob Turner – Four Passion Switches

Leaders need passion in every area of leadership, but it is challenging. Darren Hardy describes what he calls, “Four Passion Switches.” The ideas align with the passion demonstrated in the life of the apostle Paul. Join Bob as he discusses how the example of Paul’s passion inspires leaders today to be passionate in their leadership.


Bob Turner – Trustworthy Character

The most viable commodity of any leader is trust. As spiritual leaders, we understand the need to trust God completely, but can God trust us? Do the people who follow trust us? In this saltTalk, Bob Turner talks about the need to be trustworthy in our leadership.


Bob Turner – Character

Nothing is more important to our leadership than character, but what kind of character does God seek from His leaders? In this saltTalk we discuss Psalm 15 and the character David describes is needed to dwell with God and lead His people.