Month: April 2020

saltCast022 Longevity and the Challenges of Leadership

Long time minister and encourager of preachers, Gary Bradley, visits with us in this saltCast about his tenure of 40 years at the Mayfair congregation in Huntsville, AL. Gary talks about the need for developing leaders, challenges leaders face today and shares advice for young ministers that work with or without elders.


saltCast021 Key to the Kingdom India

Today, we continue our discussion with Bret McCasland, speaker for Key to the Kingdom broadcast. While Key to the Kingdom is based out of Amarillo, TX, it also has an international presence in India. Bret talks about the growth of Key to the Kingdom in India and how it now reaches more than thirty million people. If you want to know more about the work, visit their website at


saltCast020 Key to the Kingdom National

In today’s saltCast, we visit with Bret McCasland, speaker for Key to the Kingdom broadcast. Bret discusses the history of Key to the Kingdom and the influence of this program through mass media outlets, such as television, cable, Roku, social media sites, and more. Bret shares the philosophy behind Key to the Kingdom and its national outreach. Learn more at their website:


saltCast019 L2L Convention

In our final visit with Roy Johnson, Executive Director of Lads to Leaders (L2L), we take a detailed look at the Lads to Leaders Convention. Roy talks about the participants involved in the conventions, along with what is done by them. He also talks about one of the most powerful awards, the Bartimaeus award. Learn more about the convention at the L2L website,, or contact Roy at


Bob Turner – Two Critical Questions

As every leader seeks to cast a compelling vision before the congregation, there are two critical questions that must be considered. In today’s saltTalk, Bob explores those two questions in an effort to assist leaders in creating a vision for the congregation.


saltCast018 Benefit of L2L

Continuing our discussion with Roy Johnson, Executive Director of Lads to Leaders (L2L), today we talk about statistics plaguing the church and how essential Lads to Leaders is to its future. Roy discusses the role of the family as a whole in L2L and he shares information related to additional materials produced by L2L for the entire family. Feel free to reach out to Roy at, or visit the website at