Leadership Word Of The Week…Responsive

In an effort to search for key leadership words, it is fascinating to see words that continually pop-up and how they apply to leadership context.

Responsive leadership holds a significant component to the direction of leading and shaping spiritual leaders.

The idea is to respond readily and with an interest or enthusiasm. Situations may occur where a quick response is inappropriate due to a lack of information or the wrong information.

However, when leaders readily respond with interest or enthusiasm, it can build confidence and morale in individuals and organizations.

A few helpful hints to leadership responsiveness: (1) be well informed – do not hide from the reality of what is going on – be knowledgeable, (2) be well read – be a student, read material for growth, leisure, and wisdom, (3) invite feedback from others – it is surprising what others see we may not see ourselves, and (4) be patient – new skills in leadership are the result of development and it takes time.

Learning to be responsive as leaders encourages others to participate in the work and to approach with the confidence of knowing they will be heard.

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