Tag: Belonging


Nothing is more comforting than the thought of going home after being away.

A place where one lives permanently is significant to the nature of home. However, it is the defining qualities of home that make the difference.

While permanent, what makes it special is belonging to a family. Home is the place where we are accepted.

On earth, the church should provide the same expression of home. I am not referring to the physical structure where the church meets, but the value of relationships that bring us together as a family, where we belong and we are accepted.

P B and J

Growing up, I knew what was on the menu when mom said, “P B and J.” A peanut butter and jelly sandwich seemed to speak of a healthy lunch, the perfect combination of protein and carbohydrates.

From a leadership perspective, P B and J carries another important thought.

Promise: Leaders hold promise for a better tomorrow.

Leaders make it possible for others to belong, the security of a stable environment.

Success is not about a destination, it is the journey. Make it rich.

The next time you hear P B and J, maybe you can remember the leadership connection.