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Since / If

Imagine leading with certainty. No longer would we speak in terms of if, but rather the certainty of since certain conditions exist we know where to lead.

Since we influence at least four people a day, we should study leadership more, and learn how to make a greater difference.

Since we lead others to heaven, we should prepare ourselves with a greater understanding of how to lead them there.

Since we serve to keep people focused on this goal, we should be more tolerant in matters of personal opinion, and work together to achieve unity.

Let us lead with certainty to make the future a better place.

If… Part 3

Even though the English often reads if, a first class conditional sentence structure in the Greek language demands greater certainty, since.

Transferring this into areas of leadership carries an interesting thought.

Since we influence a minimum of four people a day, we should study greater levels of leadership and the opportunity to make a greater difference.

Since we work to help souls get to heaven, we should prepare ourselves with a greater understanding of God’s word.

A number of areas could be considered, but the idea is the same. Let us lead with the certainty needed to make the future of the church stronger.

Leadership Word Of The Week…Certainty

Possessing certainty is associated with being certain, and leaders cannot afford to be without it. Two distinct ideas are associated with the definition of this week’s word.

First, it involves a firm conviction that something is the case. There is an “absolute” quality connected to the type of certainty that leaders possess in providing vision, establishing goals, and implementing plans. This kind of conviction insures a confidence by followers that a fact is definitely true or an event will take place.

Second, there is a quality of being reliably true and one that translates into reliable character. As critical as the first, so is the second. Followers need to know leaders have a certainty that is built on the quality of being reliable. The nature of reliability is imperative for the success of leading others in the fulfillment of any task.

Leaders who conduct themselves with certainty and lead with confidence instill in others a hope that what is promised will be done.

We need more who do the research to be prepared to lead with certainty.