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Clear and Specific

Leaders need to stop “beating around the bush.” People want leaders to be clear and specific about direction. When this happens, leaders pay close attention to details, which promotes confidence in followers.

Vagueness breeds vagueness and frustration. When leaders are vague, the general mindset among followers is that leaders do not have a clue where they are going or to get there.

Establishing a system by which leaders communicate with clarity and specificity strengthens the morale of an organization and provides confidence in the direction.

The need is obvious. Now is the time for leaders to develop and implement a plan to be clear and specific.

A Leader’s First Words…

Think about the first words we speak each day or when we greet someone. 

There is a children’s book simply titled First Words. The design of the book is to help children with some of their first words, words like refrigerator, rhinoceros, broccoli, clarinet, harmonica, dandelions, octopus, and basketball. I know what you’re thinking.

However, think about the words we use as leaders. Are our words clear and easily understood, or do people need a dictionary to find out what we are talking about?

The Bible teaches us to be careful about our words and how we use them. Leaders should be those who speak first, speak well, and speak clearly.