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An ever present danger exists in our world today and everyday: extremism. Balance is a commodity difficult to find in almost every arena.

Our country is polarized politically and religiously between liberalism and conservatism. Party politics divides people nearly as often as we see in religion.

The challenge of leading within these extremes weighs on the mind of every individual who finds themselves in leadership.

How can leaders actively approach the task before them when such extremes exist?

It requires leading with a divine standard that was intended to provide balance.


Balance is almost a forgotten term by many in our world today.

The cultural challenges with balance are weighed in the extremism of our society. A quick glance through Facebook posts or any social media outlet reveals the incredible extremes that exist.

Worse still is the fact that extremism has been carried over into the church. The thought of balance may be mentioned, but rarely applied.

The use of labels such as “left” or “right,” “conservative” or “liberal” indicate how we lack balance.

Until leaders get a solid grasp on the art of balance, unity may not occur.

A Balanced Leader…

We live in a world of extremes, either left or right, liberal or conservative, etc.

The result has created division, especially on the spiritual front.

In the midst, we find those who assume the role of the religious elite seeking to point out the error of others and destroy them.

Sadly, social media provides a platform where many carry out their vile and vicious attacks without ever following the biblical approach. 

Worse still, these individuals operate under their “stand for the truth” and never realize how destructive their actions are to the image of Christ in our world. 

We need leaders who understand balance and lead God’s people away from the polarity of a world that does not understand Jesus.