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We often claim that someone needs to take control. We talk about people being controlling. We preach about self-control. We even discuss the need to be in control.

Why is it important for spiritual leadership?

When situations get out of hand, leaders must take control.
Spiritual leadership must not be controlling.
Leaders should be the epitome of self-control.
We look to these leaders when someone needs to be in control.

When leaders know how to use their power of influence in a Biblical and godly way, people’s behavior and the course of events can be shaped in ways to change eternity.

Controlling Leaders

Control is an issue on every level. Many fear losing control. Some are uncertain who is in control.

One of the challenges in the realm of humanity is the desire to have control. Our tendency is to want material possessions because we feel that if we own it, we can control it.

The desire to lead others can also be an issue of control. We feel that if we are a leader, we control the direction and actions of others.

We struggle with the truth that there is only One who is in control. The sooner we give to Him what is rightfully His, the better our own leadership.

Why Does Conflict Exist?

One constant in life is “conflict.” The reality of conflict for leaders needs to be understood in order to resolve it.

At least four reasons explain why conflict exists.

1) Change always brings conflict.
2) We live in a complex and diverse world.
3) We interact with people.
4) We cannot control every situation.

Knowing these reasons is not enough. We are all aware of the fact that conflict exists and, for some, conflicts are greater now than ever before.

The question to consider is, “How do we deal with conflict when it comes?”

Over the next few days, we will explore a few suggestions.

Leading Without Control…

The challenge of faith is believing that God is in control and involved in our lives (looking out for our best interest) when life is not going well.

Publilius Syrus said, “Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.”

This thought is significant when dealing with leadership. 

Disbelief in the vision leads dissenters to gossip, and jealousy surfaces in attempts to discourage and stop progress. 

Storms will blow against our leadership, especially when we lead with a godly, Christlike spirit.

Hold the helm. Remain strong in the faith. Keep our eyes focused on Jesus. Continue to lead.

Simplifying Our Leadership…

Life is complicated and complex. Why have we allowed our daily activities to alter the simplicity of life? A few ideas could help us simplify our leadership.

Remember who is in control, who holds eternity in His hands, and let Him have control.
Learn when to say no.
Understand the limits of our abilities.
Take a “full” day off every week and spend it with family.
Do not work in all three parts of the day.
Stop trying to get it all done the first day.

More could be shared, but if we apply a few simple ideas, our leadership will last a little longer and taste a little sweeter.