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Counting the Cost

Counting the cost when leading others can be a daunting task.

One of the most pressing thoughts among these questions involves having enough to finish well.

Do we have enough resources to achieve the goal?
Do we have enough staff to implement the plans to achieve the goal?
Do we have enough time to complete the job?

Having enough resources, staff, and time are only three components that require our attention when setting goals, establishing plans, and implementing both to produce growth.

Project Leadership…

When is the best time to start and complete a project?
Why is this project important and what will it cost?
How will the project benefit others?
When will we make time to work on the project?
Who knows about the project and how do others learn about it?
What is required to maintain enthusiasm for the project?
Can the project potentially distract us from important matters in life?

Our projects can help or hinder our leadership. If we are not asking the right questions, we may be unaware of how they affect our relationship with others.

Cost of Leadership…

What does it cost to get an education? What does it cost to raise a family? What does it cost to enjoy freedom? 

What does it cost to be a leader? The answer will vary depending on the individual and type of leadership required. 

Consider the cost of spiritual leadership.

Regarding Jesus, it involved His life. We can safely say the same will be required of us. Although it may not involve a physical death, we should be ready and willing if it did.

Perhaps the most significant cost is that of being a servant. The cost involves putting others above ourselves. For that we must die to self.