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Better Leadership…

If something is better, there is improvement from a previous condition or situation.

One of the key words in Hebrews is better. We live under a better covenant, based on better promises, because of a better sacrifice. The result is a better hope.

When we examine our character, attitude, work ethic, practice, or presence, can we say it is better than before?

Would we say the development of those who follow is better today than yesterday?

Perhaps the appropriate question is, “Will we do what it takes to make it better?”

Leaders make things happen, and what they make happen should be for the better.

SALT Fun Fact #7

“In biblical Judaism, salt was mixed with animal sacrifices (Leviticus 2:13). This salt was a symbol of wisdom, discretion, and an enduring covenant. In the East, salt is an expression for the league of mutual amity. When the Arabs make a covenant together, they put salt on the blade of a sword, from whence everyone puts a little into his mouth. This constitutes blood relations and they remain faithful to each other, even when in danger of life. Leadership is a continual commitment, a covenant of sorts, to sacrificially exercise wisdom and discretion.” Wayne Roberts

Thank you Wayne for filling our bucket with amazing and powerful thoughts related to leadership and its connection to SALT. May we commit ourselves to the covenant of leading. May we give, and give up, whatever it takes to proceed with such wisdom and discretion.