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Circle of Safety

Mark Twain expressed the following idea, “Great things can happen if we don’t care who gets the credit.”

John Maxwell took this idea to another level saying, “Great things can and actually do happen when we give others the credit.”

We know from a biblical perspective that spiritual leadership will not allow a self-centered attitude to exist. Instead, scripture indicates over and over the need to seek after the well-being of others.

Jesus provided this example for us and He desires we pursue the same direction. The result might just develop what Simon Sinek refers to as a “Circle of Safety.”

When Was The Last Time?

When was the last time…

…you told your spouse you loved them?
…you hugged your children and told them how proud you were of something they achieved?
…you used the words “thank you” for a kind gesture?

As leaders, when was the last time…

…you paused to think about the impact of your words?
…you decided to do a menial task instead of asking someone else to do it?
…you praised someone for their work instead of ignoring them?
…you gave others credit for their work to encourage them in a job well done?
…you took the time to help someone else reach their potential?

The list is unending, but ask yourself, “When was the last time?”