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Leading with Love

The character of love, as defined by God, is a love that is unmerited, steadfast, suffering, and knows no bounds. It should move us to consider that there is nothing we can do to make God love us more, and nothing we can do to make Him love us less. His very essence is love.

Love is always divinely defined by what is done for others, in this case, you and me.

In a marketing environment that is based on self-interest and one that puts a price on everything (and everyone), cultivating love will require a devotion of our time in building relationships.

This is the essence of leadership.


Culture was originally connected to cultivating, or gardening.

Among many technical definitions, basically, culture is the way things are done around here.

Our world is a multi-cultural place, even sporting cultures within cultures: work cultures, educational cultures, religious cultures, age and gender specific cultures, etc.

Leaders can work to understand the culture, but changing the culture is far from easy, if not impossible. The idea has been presented that leaders must create new cultures to draw people into a new way of thinking, believing, or behaving.

Jesus followed this approach to a first century culture, leaving us to consider how we will lead in a twenty-first century culture.

Cultivating Leaders…

One analogy of good leadership is connected to the law of harvest. Few illustrations are more powerful than planting a seed, cultivating it, and watching it grow into something beautiful.

Here are a few truths to remember.

Leaders cannot always know where the seed is going to land.

Our leadership will have mixed reception.

Perseverance is an essential quality in leaders.

Producing good fruit requires patience from leaders.

Lives are changed by good leaders and it is worth our time to ensure we cultivate the seed properly for good soil to be productive.