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Deliberate and Intentional

How many times have you procrastinated when making decisions? Your intentions were good because you were waiting for the “right time.”

This can happen when beginning a family, i.e. getting married or having children. We also see it in areas of career choices. I’ve heard, “If you don’t love what you do, then do something else. Life is too short to not enjoy what you do each day.”

Our lives should be deliberate and intentional. Once we choose the area we are most passionate about, then jump in. When we do what we love the most, joy finds a way into our lives.

Navigating Rough Waters

No one likes leading during difficult times. No one seeks out rough waters to practice their leadership. For some, rough waters always seem to find them.

The true test of leadership occurs in these moments. They define who we are as a leader and the type of leader we become. What will help us navigate these waters?

Remember who we are at the core. Nothing should change our core values.

Trust in wise counsel. Others have sailed rough waters before us. Seek their counsel.

Be slow, diligent, and deliberate.
Defeat comes when we act before thinking and are slow to execute.