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Few ideas are more significant than the need for survival. For some, finding a meal for the day is a matter of survival. For others, getting through the day with their life is a matter of survival.

Leadership survival is an area of great need.

Leaders struggle to survive challenges to their faith and practice.

Leaders must survive the false accusations to their character by dissenters.

Leaders need survival skills against the forces of division.

Survival is a priority when it comes to leadership. Sadly, the survival of leadership often involves “being shot at from both sides.”


How many times in the political arena do we hear the thought expressed of someone being extreme left or extreme right?

Being extreme, however, is not limited to the political arena. We quite often find the beast of extremism within the church.

Brethren often become extreme in their approach and teaching, which leads to division in the church.

Our responsibility is to learn the difference between Biblical teaching and personal opinion.

In a time where we need to prevent the world’s influence on the church, let us not become so extreme that our actions portray what we are trying to prevent.

Evaluating Leaders…

One of the keys to success in construction is not only the ability to read a blueprint, but continually evaluating the blueprint to ensure they do not deviate from it.

Consider the problems that arise when someone looks at a blueprint one time and never goes back to see if the plans are followed correctly.

Spiritually, if we do not continually evaluate God’s blueprint, destructive results occur. Variations create division and weaken our efforts to reach a world that deeply needs Jesus.

The problem can be summed up by the lack of leadership evaluating the God-given blueprint.