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If Only

Too often we sit and think about the hypothetical possibilities of what could happen…if only.

Walt Disney amassed an empire on the foundation of a mouse. His thought? “If you can think it, you can do it.”

Do we limit what can be accomplished, or perhaps limit what we believe God will accomplish, because we’ve convinced ourselves we cannot do it?

In the Old Testament the thought is expressed, “Is the power of the Lord limited?” Jesus said, “With God all things are possible.”

Instead of thinking, If only, maybe we can think, “With God on our side, there is nothing we cannot do.” Dream Big!

Dream Big

How often do we strive to achieve great things, but are unwilling to do what is necessary to make those dreams come true? I am uncertain who said it, but the thought is great, “You can’t have a Million Dollar DREAM with a minimum wage work ethic.”

We think too small. Before we make excuses, shackle ourselves with our inabilities, or blame someone or something else for our small thinking, we need to remember the God we serve.

God planned to give Israel the land, but it did not eliminate the need for them to fight the battles. It will not be any different today. So, Dream Big!