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Communication faces numerous challenges. Simply because we speak the same language does not necessitate that communication has occurred.

Amazingly enough, the advances in technology have not improved our ability to communicate. Worse still, is the fact that most people believe themselves to be good communicators, when in actuality, they are not.

Leadership requires the ability to both effectively communicate and communicate effectively. The nature of effective communication involves the means we use. Communicating effectively involves understanding.

Both take time and practice.

While it might appear to be easy, one of the most difficult tasks we face in leadership is communication.

Effective Action…

Too often the thought of making changes involves a future time, the first of next week, next year, or some other date.

When it comes to changes we need to make, why put them off for another time? If we need to make them, then we should make them now.

Peter Drucker said, “We are creating tomorrow’s society of citizens through the social sector, everybody is a leader, everybody is responsible, everybody. Self-assessment can and should convert good intentions and knowledge into effective action – not next year but tomorrow morning.”

When we examine where we are and where we need to be, applying our knowledge into immediate effective action is where growth occurs.