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An Atmosphere of Choice

Imagine the idea of choosing––rather than assigning––tasks within the spiritual development and work of the church.

The Antwerp Management School offers this thought, “Tasks are performed better when they’re chosen instead of assigned. Create an atmosphere in which people get to choose the things they like to work on.”

If we think more seriously about what needs to be done and learn the areas where people love to work, we can design (create an atmosphere) a program, task, or project that engages people to make a choice that helps reach the desired result. The bonus? Growth!

Engaged Leaders…

Three words describe the concept of an engaged leader: occupy, attract, involve. These words may have reference to someone’s interest or attention, but all three are key to understanding the need for leaders to engage others.

Occupying the attention of others indicates we keep them focused and connected.

Attracting others demonstrates we bring them to a place where they can participate. 

Involving others means we include them in the experience.

If we are not doing this, then we have to wonder if we are really engaged leaders.

To necessitate spiritual growth, leaders must be engaged.