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Developing a mindset focused on the pursuit of excellence involves a couple of ideas.

Dedication: Any pursuit in life requires dedication, and this is true of excellence. The task is not easy, but worth it.

Take 5: Build a routine that sets aside five minutes everyday to focus on an area of excellence.

Read, read, read…listen, listen, listen: This one stands alone!

Rule of the last 10%: Too many get to 90% and coast to the finish line. Excellence requires finishing well.

Develop the habit: Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act. It is a habit.”

Habit of Organized Planning

Silence and reflection aid in developing the third habit for successful leadership: organized planning.

The choice of these two words is intentional. Leading with the head and heart are critical to leverage the habit of organized planning.

Leaders who develop the habit of planning ahead with organized methodology can seize opportunities that produce successful and lasting growth.

However, developing this habit requires more than a few minutes each day, but a lifetime committed to reflecting on improving organizational skills and using those skills to plan accordingly.

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