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Choice of Leadership

When we question our leadership, consideration should be given to the followers. Have we really considered where others will end up when they follow our leadership?

The choices include the following and similar ideas:

1) Closer to, or further away from God…
2) More spiritually, or more worldly focused…
3) Stronger, or weaker in faith…
4) Growing, or declining in knowledge of God’s word…

There are many more possibilities, but the point is the same. Our leadership should be important enough to consider the destination followers will reach by following.

Be willing to blaze the type of trail that when others follow they will end up in heaven.

Follow the Map

When traveling, we understand the need for a map or plan to reach our destination in a proper amount of time.

Physically, we make application daily. However, when we think in terms of spiritual matters, what happens can be a completely different story. Yet, the spiritual approach is no different.

We know the destination and we desire to get there. We anticipate arriving, but what will it take to get there?

Since our destination is heaven, the map/plan provided by God can be found throughout the pages of His word. Follow the map He provides and we will get there.

Lead With A Map

Where are we going? Do we know? What will we need to get there? How will we know when we arrive?

When traveling, we need a map––at least a plan––to reach our destination in a proper amount of time.

Physically, we make application of this daily. The spiritual approach is no different. We know the destination and we desire to get there. We are anticipating the arrival, but do we know what we need to get there?

Since our destination is heaven, the map––plan––God has provided is laid out in the pages of His word.


Timing is everything. How many times have you heard this statement or one similar? Yet, it is true on a number of levels.

Addressing a delicate situation.
Making life changing decisions.
Waiting for test results.
Confronting a family member, friend, or colleague.

God said, “There is an appointed time for everything, and there is a time for every event under heaven.” When we read Ecclesiastes 3:2-8 we learn quickly how true it is that timing is everything.

The next time a delicate situation arises, you are faced with making a decision, are awaiting test results, or considering how to confront someone else, remember – timing is everything.

Leading From The Middle

Life in the middle of the road generally appeals to those who prefer to avoid leaning too far to the left or right. A sense of balance comes to mind when the phrase is used.

We live in a culture that is often characterized by extremism.

Many people believe they should correct everyone on every social media platform that posts ideas or agendas with which they disagree.

Life in the middle of the road is not about being uncommitted, complacent, politically correct, or compromising. Rather, it involves balance, learning to think before we speak, considering the feelings others, recognizing that the goal is helping someone get to heaven.

Intimidating Leadership

Leaders commonly feel they need to intimidate their followers to accomplish their goal or purpose.

However, this style of leadership will only create a temporary and false sense of accomplishment. In the end, people do not want to follow such leaders.

If they do, it is only because they feel trapped. Hope is lost and there is no purpose for the future.

People should not be intimidated by you and, as a leader, you should not intimidate those who have entrusted themselves to you.

Spiritual leaders guide people to heaven and they need a leader who gives them hope!

Knowing The Way

Several years back, I was introduced to the weather rock. It worked quite simply.

If the rock is wet, it is raining.
If the rock is white, it is snowing.
If the rock casts a shadow, it is sunny.
You get the point.

It could not forecast the future, but was great for the obvious.

Jesus told the Pharisees and Sadducees they were able to state the obvious regarding the signs of the weather, but were blind to the signs from heaven.

Leaders need an eye for the obvious, but they also need a vision for the future. They must know the way and point people to it!

A Contrast in Leadership

Throughout the Bible we find numerous contrasts made by various people.

Jesus talked about the contrast of light and darkness, building on sand or the rock, dividing the saved from the lost.

James talked about the rich and poor, wisdom from above with earthly, natural, and demonic wisdom.

Paul also contrasted the flesh and spirit, the strong from the weak, along with life and death.

These are only a few of the contrasts seen throughout the New Testament.

Our leadership needs to be strikingly different from everything else. When the Word is our foundation, Jesus our Lord, God our Father, and heaven our focus, then our leadership will be strikingly different.

The Heart and Mind of Leadership…

Continuing education is beneficial for personal growth and development. The drive behind the educational process is to dig a little deeper into the storehouse of knowledge to gain a better understanding of the wisdom others have gained.

The challenge is learning how to balance knowledge with application.

The thought of application should move us to dig deeper in order to understand the implications of what we have learned.

The information we gain will increase our ability to lead and help others reach our heavenly home.

The heart of leadership must be connected to the mind of leadership.

Spiritual Companionship…

“No matter what stage of development, we need spiritual companions – mentors and guides, friends and peers along the journey” (Reese and Loane, Deep Mentoring).

The need for spiritual companionship should be obvious. In Matthew’s gospel, we find a significant word, behold. Matthew wants the reader to pay attention and observe. One observation is in the name Immanuel, God with us, the power of His presence. The true nature of spiritual companionship involves being present.

If God left the glory of heaven to be with us––to be present––then we should recognize that spiritual companionship necessitates our being present and involved in the journey with others.