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A Movement

What is a movement?

First, movements are made up of individuals and independent groupings that come together to achieve a common goal.

Second, what holds these individuals and independent groupings together are personal, structural and ideological ties.

Third, committed individuals at all levels use existing, significant social relationships to recruit others.

Fourth, members of a movement have had an identity-transforming experience that brings about a lifestyle change.

Fifth, overall unity in such a diverse collection of people requires a common ideology.

Sixth, opposition is part of the glue that holds this diverse collection together.

Consider how these thoughts bind us together as Christians and how it can change the world.


Rarely do leaders consider the interdependency of relationships. These are relationships where people are dependent on each other.

Our culture focuses on independence, a make it on your own mentality. Pride often hinders us from ever seeking or asking for help from anyone else.

The other side of the coin is one where we become dependent on someone else without contributing to the relationship ourselves.

When we take a learning posture and realize others can teach, guide, and offer something to help us in our role as leaders, we begin to fulfill an interdependency that will strengthen our ability to lead.