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As we begin 2022, execution cannot be overstated. All the resolutions in the world are merely words without execution. Goals and plans are simply ideas on a piece of paper without execution. Regardless of how good your ideas may be, they are worthless without execution.

James Clear recently said it this way, ”If you’re not working hard, ideas don’t matter. The best idea is worthless without execution. If you’re already working hard, ideas are crucial. Most effort is wasted on mediocre ideas.”

Develop a team of strong idealists who are willing to work hard at reaching the goals and vision.

Investing Time

As we approach the new year, I am sure we all wonder what 2022 will bring. Will the pandemic continue to dominate discussions? How will leaders make decisions that influence our direction? What is the best way to use our time?

I recently received an email with a powerful thought from James Clear, “Think about what you want today and you’ll spend your time. Think about what you want in 5 years and you’ll invest your time.”

Instead of thinking about next year, think about 5 years from now and let us invest our time in ways that will make us better leaders.


Habits are, well, habits. We know some habits are easier and quicker to develop than others. We also recognize the incredible difficulty that comes with breaking bad habits. Interestingly enough, no one ever refers to breaking good habits.

I recently started a book by James Clear called Atomic Habits. I highly recommend it. As the subtitle indicates small changes can provide amazing results.

Leaders often display habits, both good and bad. What kind of habits will improve our leadership?
Over the next few days, I want to look at several habits that benefit leaders.