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When Was The Last Time?

When was the last time…

…you told your spouse you loved them?
…you hugged your children and told them how proud you were of something they achieved?
…you used the words “thank you” for a kind gesture?

As leaders, when was the last time…

…you paused to think about the impact of your words?
…you decided to do a menial task instead of asking someone else to do it?
…you praised someone for their work instead of ignoring them?
…you gave others credit for their work to encourage them in a job well done?
…you took the time to help someone else reach their potential?

The list is unending, but ask yourself, “When was the last time?”

Defining Moments

Occasionally, there are those events that becoming defining moments in our life. The birth of a child, getting married, graduation, critical decisions on the job, or tragedies are those moments in life that define who we are and influence who we become.

These defining moments vary from one individual to the next and the degree to which they define us is based on what we do in those moments.

The most defining moment in our lives as leaders must be built on the foundation of God. When our relationship with God is the defining moment, the decisions and activities that form the rest of our lives find their proper place.

The Great Choice…

Wayne W. Dyer pointed out, “With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.”

We all know someone who became bitter at the difficulties that challenged their faith and caused them to leave the Lord.

We also know others who faced giant trials in life and chose to remain strong in and dedicated to their faith.

The difference is a choice. Read Job and make the right choice.

The Sweet Spot of Leadership…

The sweet spot is a place on the baseball bat or golf club, that when contacting the ball, produces the sweetest sound, smoothest feel, and furthest distance.

In leadership, challenges and problems often take the wind out of us. During these times we tend to think about giving up or finding another job.

However, when we make the right contact, it produces the sweetest moment and encourages us to keep going.

We need to remember our leadership makes a difference. 

No one ever promised an easy or comfortable path. However, we are promised one worth our effort. This is why we strive to lead others to Christ.