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Joseph endured adverse circumstances: rejection, slavery, temptation, false accusations, wrongful imprisonment, and forgotten.

HOWEVER, the entire account teaches us wonderful lessons about spiritual leadership.

No matter what happens, God is always with us. Throughout we find the phrase, “and God was with him.”

Remember God is always working toward a greater purpose. Joseph trusted God to be at work saving Israel, not just his own well-being.

Faithfulness will exult an individual and a nation. Joseph was eventually elevated to power over all of Egypt, which ultimately saved God’s people.

If we can learn these lessons, our leadership will move in the right direction.

Lessons from the Wilderness…

Wilderness is an interesting study in the Bible. Time spent in a physical or mental wilderness is a common thread among the leaders of God’s people.

Remember Joseph? From slavery to the dungeon, God developed a leader who saved His people.

How about Moses? Throughout his 40 years in Midian, God developed Moses to lead Israel.

After 40 days of fasting in the wilderness, Jesus was tempted, yet resolved.

What is it about the wilderness that helps prepare God’s people to lead?

A walk through the wilderness is neither desired or pleasant. However, the time provides opportunities for growth and prepares us to lead God’s people.