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Memories are good and bad. There are times, events, and people we remember fondly because of the joy experienced. There are also times, events, and people we want to forget because of the negativity experienced.

It would be wonderful if our only memories were positive and fond. However, we know it does not work this way. Memories serve to help us if we learn to do a couple of important steps.

Repeat what works and is successful.

Avoid the consequences experienced and overcome.

If we do so, the future holds greater memories when we recall them.

The Risk of Leadership…

“This is the world of white water where we have to change to survive; where we have to develop to thrive; and, paradoxically, where the very act of change increases the risk that we won’t survive.” Randall White, Phillip Hodgson and Stuart Craine, The Future of Leadership: A White Water Revolution

This quote speaks to the incredible changing world we live in and the need to make changes to survive in it. We must grow, develop for success, and know the very risk we take could be the end of us.

Saying, “yes,” involves a risk, but the opportunities for growth and changing the eternal destiny of someone else are worth it!

Making Memories…

Making memories is an expression primarily used with families. The role of parental leadership in the family is vital to the success and future sustainability of the family.

Parents have a responsibility to insure they make memories with their children. Time flies by too quickly and children grow up too fast to be consumed with our personal goals and aspirations.

Thinking we have plenty of time and will get around to it tomorrow, next week, month, or year, is a dangerous way to think. Before we know it, our children grow up and move on and they are left without the memories of a childhood that should be filled with the joys of a family unit with the right balance.

The only perfect formula that can be used in raising children is given by God. Along the way, the memories we make with our children provide a foundation for the authority of God’s word to guide the instruction and discipline of our children.

Time passes too quickly not to give credence to this vital component of the family. What kind of memory-makers will our children remember?