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Leading With Promise

Years ago, I was reminded of a powerful thought, “Never make a promise you can’t keep.”

I realize circumstances can prevent us from keeping a promise. However, this is not my point.

The point is to be careful and thoughtful before speaking.

Jesus noted the need to be careful about our words. Yes needs to mean yes and no, no. When we say we will do something, then do it. Nothing is more frustrating than when someone says, “I’ll call you right back,” and then they never do.

Be a leader who is bound to their word. Never make a promise you can’t keep!


Two simple letters, but so hard to use. The result tends to leave a leader overloaded, panic stricken, and stressed out.

Why does this happen? Here are a few possibilities.

Pride: The issue here is the mindset that no one else has the ability to do the job as good as “I” can do it.

Selfishness: When leaders become so focused on their own agenda or desires, saying “yes” creates a busy appearance and pads the ego.

Apathy: When leaders are no longer concerned about others, they might as well say yes because it does not matter whether they get to it or not.