Tag: Opportunity

Leadership Preparation…

Preparation today makes a difference tomorrow.

What are we preparing for today?

1) God’s guidance in seeking the right priorities.
2) Focus on what is important, not urgent.
3) Trust that if tomorrow doesn’t arrive, we accomplished what matters most.
4) Never miss an opportunity to tell someone, “I love you.”
5) Do something nice for someone who will never find out.
6) Be the most positive and enthusiastic person you know.
7) Close the day with prayer giving thanks for the good and bad.

These are a few ideas, but regardless of what happens, if we follow them we will live a full life.

Benefits of Traveling…

Traveling has its ups and downs, good and bad. There are a number of applications for leadership during our travels. For example:

Someone new to meet. It is a good to know that the people we meet and lead have a variety of personalities.

Patience. While a Star Trek transporter would be nice, consider the lesson we would miss that is so vital to our leadership.

The opportunity to think. Travel time affords us an opportunity to think through the more difficult or challenging issues.

These are only three that stand out. Take a trip and see if these or other lessons help your leadership.

Responsible Leadership…

Ability + opportunity = responsibility

Everyone has ability. These abilities fall into categories of natural, acquired, and spiritual (God given). Not everyone has the same ability, thus the design of the church so it will function properly, as God designed it (1 Corinthians 12; Romans 12).

Opportunities are circumstances presenting possibility. We must recognize the possibilities and look for the opportunities God provides.

Therefore, we are responsible to use our abilities, consider the possibilities, and seek the God given opportunities. 

Imagine what God could do through us in changing our community, or maybe the world, if we were to assume such responsibility.