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Role of the Shepherd…#6

The next statement in Jesus’ prayer is also a critical part of the role of the shepherd. He says, “I protected them and kept them safe.”

Shepherds are responsible for protecting and keeping the sheep safe. Paul identifies this in his letter to Titus. Shepherds are to protect and keep sheep safe from those who would lead them away from God. Perhaps this is why shepherds must be teachers.

What is beautiful is the fact Jesus says, “By that name you gave me.” The powerful name of Jesus carries protective authority. Shepherds must use every opportunity to protect and keep the sheep safe by the name of Jesus.

A Destructive Tongue…

Guarding a Christian’s faith is difficult for any age and culture. One of the challenges we face is the use of the tongue. 

James says the tongue is an “unruly evil, full of deadly poison.” Remember, he is writing to Christians.

When spiritual leaders participate in gossip, ridicule, or speaking against brothers and sisters, then we can destroy the faith of others.

We must rise up, guard, protect, and overcome his attacks and keep Christians from destroying each other. Whether through Facebook, texting, face to face, talking to others, or some other means, the use of the tongue in such destructive ways should not only be discouraged, but stopped.

Entrusting Leaders…

The Greek word translated “entrust” carries the idea of placing something into the hand of another.

Paul reminded Timothy of what had been entrusted to him and instructed him to place it into the hands of those who are faithful so that they, in turn, would teach others also.

When something is entrusted to us, we have a responsibility to care for, guard, protect, cherish, and faithfully use it.

Considering what has been placed into our hands as spiritual leaders, we carry this same responsibility.

One day we will give an account for the stewardship of what has been entrusted to us, including the souls we lead.