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Relevant Leadership…

In education, one motivating factor that contributes to learning is relevance of the material. When the objectives are clearly relevant, students are more driven to learn.

On a spiritual level, if any generation is to be reached, we must show how God’s word is relevant. The message never changes, but how we present the relevance of the message does.

Engaging others to follow our leadership hinges on relevance.

The beauty of God’s word is based on the fact it was written with every generation in mind. The challenge is relevance.

Leading as God designed requires an understanding of how to make the message relevant.

Leading with Vision and Goals…

Goals should be framed with specifics that can be measured. They should be achievable and relevant. We also need to set a time for achieving them.

For example: “Over the next 6 months I will read the Old Testament,” or “In the next 12 months I want to share the gospel with 24 new people.” These goals meet all the requirements.

Short and long-term goals are key components to developing plans for moving forward.

Leaders need long-term vision, but remember that short-term goals keep people motivated. Celebrating these short-term achievements helps keep everyone focused on the long-term vision.

Goal-Setting Leaders…

Goals are one of the most needed areas of leadership, yet one of the most overlooked and misunderstood.

Our approach to goal-setting is often an exercise in wishful thinking and generalities.

Goals must be specific in nature. What are we seeking to achieve, exactly?
Goals must be measurable. What gets measured gets done.
Goals must be achievable. In other words, they are something we can accomplish.
Goals must be relevant. They must mean something and have value to us.
Goals must be time-bound. Without a time factor, it is just a wish.

As leaders, we need goals on a personal and congregational level, long and short-term. Success comes to those who set SMART goals.