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Leading with Renewal…

Various phrases within the Psalms provide depth in their meaning for the life of leaders.

David seeks God’s forgiveness for his sin and pleads with God to create a clean heart and renew a steadfast spirit.

During difficult seasons, where and how do leaders receive this renewal?

1) Going to the source of renewal is a good place to start. Plead with God.
2) Spend time listening to what God says. 
3) Reflect on what has been done by God through our leadership.
4) Seek counsel with others who have experienced similar trials.

May God always renew a steadfast spirit in the times when needed most.

Renewed Leaders…

Retreats provide opportunity for renewal, and it is an amazing  time to share progress, discuss problems, and plan for the future. 

Retreats bring people closer together as brothers and sisters, as well as, fellow workers participating in the greatest work on earth.

This is a great take away lesson for leaders.

The day to day grind of work, shuffling one stack of papers to the next, struggling to resolve problems, and an incredible work schedule will deplete leaders.

Spiritually, we must be renewed in our relationship with God. Such renewal keeps us focused, accountable, and strong in providing help to others.