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Leadership and Character

I have often discussed the necessity of character when talking about leadership. The primarily quality of a leader’s character is trust.

Leaders must certainly be worthy of the trust placed in them by those who follow.

I appreciate Rory Vaden’s thought, “In easy times, personality is revealed. In hard times, your character is revealed.”

The last year delivered some pretty hard times for leaders in the church. Now, more than ever, the church needs leaders who have the kind of character that is worthy of trust.

Can God trust us to lead in this way?

True Leadership

In a recent podcast, Patrick Lencioni talked about leadership with an interesting twist. He said, “There is no such thing as ‘servant leadership.’ If you are a leader, you are a servant.”

Of course, the idea speaks to many facets of leading. Some serve themselves, and others serve the people they lead.

Rory Vaden coined the thought, “If serving is beneath you, then leadership is beyond you.”

Both of these men speak to the heart of what leadership is all about––serving.

We have the example of Jesus. The question really becomes, “Who will we serve in our leadership?”

Potentially Powerful…

What value does potential have in your life? Potentially, a great deal. However, every person on the planet has potential.

In a recent article by Rory Vaden, Rory talks about how potential is meaningless if we do not take steps to act in ways that fulfill that potential.

Every person has the potential to lead, but our potential means little if we don’t take necessary steps to become that person of influence.

Reflect on your potential, then consider how you can get to work on achieving that potential and become the leader the Lord desires in you.