Tag: Self-Serving

Self-Serving Leaders

Leaders must be cautious about what they say, how they write, and the influence they have when leading others.

When one’s speech (spoken or written) is filled with personal pronouns, e.g. “me,” “myself,” and “I,” they need to step back and evaluate what, or perhaps more appropriately, who they are promoting.

True spiritual leadership must be focused on the good of others, even at the expense of self.

How can we demonstrate love if our words and actions betray that love for the purpose of serving self?

Leadership is filled with challenges, not the least of which is self.

A Good Thing

Is it possible there can be too much of a good thing?

A good thing is generally subjective to each individual based on their worldview. Obviously, this introduces a number of challenges.

When we consider the range of mindsets from self-serving to self-denying, we realize quickly that a good thing can either be about what benefits “me” or “others.”

From a biblical perspective, leadership focuses on the benefits of others, placing their needs above our own.

If everyone understood and practiced this form of leadership, I am pretty certain we could not have too much of a good thing?