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Simple and Selfless

9-11 serves as a powerful reminder in the history of our nation. The closer people are to the individuals who lost their lives that day, the stronger the remembrance.

We are reminded of the incredible benevolent, servant, and sacrificial leadership demonstrated surrounding that event.

Even though we may feel it to be a lesser comparison, we need to note that it is not always about heroic levels of leadership that are remembered in the highlight reels of life.

Perhaps the greatest mark left on the world is the simple and selfless acts done on a daily basis that touch the lives of those in need.

Complex vs Simple

Depending on the individual, there is some subjectivity. On one hand, an older generation recalls the simplicity of dirt roads, no cell-phones, growing what was eaten, and a life without technology.

Adding technology, a black-top/concrete way of life, cell-phones, and then eliminating the garden, life can become a bit more complex.

On the other hand, a younger generation recognizes these advances as a means to simplify life and increase health and wealth.

Imagine leading people with both mindsets. We should remember that both mindsets exist in the world and the church.

Our task is not to place one above the other, but lead with both in mind.