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Directional Leadership

I find it easier to determine direction in some areas in the world than others. In Denver, the mountains are west. In Virginia Beach, the Atlantic Ocean is east.

Other areas make it challenging to gain a sense of direction. Without some geographical marker, identifying north from south or east from west is nearly impossible.

Pilots use IFR (Instrument Flying Rules). IFR relies on the plane’s instruments instead of one’s senses. Certain conditions can create a false sense of direction causing pilot error.

Leaders have the task of providing direction for others. They must use the right instrument.

God’s word is the only instrument needed if we are to provide true spiritual direction.

Leading In Tragedy…

The recent tragedy in Virginia Beach is one of many situations where innocent people lost their lives to the rage of someone who placed no value on human life.

During these times, how can we lead, provide answers, or give solace?

Often times, there is comfort in silence, a gentle hug, and prayer. 

How God works to heal and comfort the hurting is often a mystery. For many, a hug and prayer make the difference. For others, nothing seems to help.

We may not find all the answers we seek, but knowing God is there and that He works in every situation provides hope beyond the present.

Let us lead with God’s compassionate love to comfort others in time of tragedy.