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The Lord, Our Example…

Nearing the end of Psalms we find a poetic passage that highlights several areas about the Lord, declaring why He is worthy to be praised. He is…

Creator of heaven and earth.
Executor of justice for the disadvantaged.
Provider of sustenance for those in need.
Healer of the afflicted.
Exalter of the downtrodden.
Compassionate to the upright.
Protector of strangers.
Supporter of the orphan and widow.
Frustrater of wicked ways.
Ruler of all.

These ten words are laced throughout the Bible and provide strength to the weak, comfort for the discouraged, and protection for the vulnerable.
Leaders understand and practice the same.

Leading Unconditionally…

Reaching out and leading with unconditional love is difficult. 

We must be vulnerable emotionally, mentally, and physically. We must develop a compassion for the pain of others and a greater desire to get involved. 

The difficulty is learning to be genuine in our care for those who are not like us..

Loving unconditionally means there is nothing you can do or say to make me love you more and there is nothing you can do or say to make me love you less.

Unconditional love is what leads others to the Savior! When we demonstrate it, we lead with a God-given example.