Leadership is an Investment

The title of this blog lends to several considerations.  The Leadership Fund is focused on providing areas dealing with the fundamentals of leadership.  Some authors refer to them as principles or laws.  When dealing with the subject of leadership, the bottom line involves the basics, the fundamentals needed to be a successful leader.  This blog site is designed first to provide the fundamentals of leadership to help anyone with the desire to learn how to lead in ways to bring success.

The Leadership Fund is also designed with a second purpose in mind.  For several months now I have read numerous books defining leadership through words like “influence” or  ”example.”  While I agree with the assessment, there seems to be an underlying thread I have discovered in my research tying leadership  to one powerful thought, “leadership is an investment.”

The Leadership Fund is about investing in leadership.  The more one puts into leadership the more they get out of it.  John Maxwell makes reference to the “Law of Process” as one of the “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.”  Here he describes and parallels the idea of leadership to one who invests in the stock market.  Investing over the long haul is what produces great dividends.  Regardless of the principles, laws or qualities often found in books dealing with the subject of leadership, when we sum it all up, we are talking about a major investment.

The Leadership Fund is designed to help us understand the application of various leadership ideas.  When we make application in the areas of leadership we are investing in ourselves.  When we continue to add to our investment we are going to see growth and ultimately, tremendous rewards.  I have also asked several men, I look to and admire for their leadership, to invest their time and abilities in helping make this blog site helpful to anyone who wants to lead.  I encourage you to listen and learn from the wisdom of those who have invested in the realm of leadership.  These men have invested in themselves and others to provide for the great need of leadership in our world.

Thank you for taking the time to read The Leadership Fund.  Your input is valued and appreciated.  Perhaps through the wisdom of many we can all learn to develop into the leaders God intends us to be, in the home, community, and His church.  Investing in leadership now and each day throughout our lives will leave lasting results in every area of our lives.

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  1. techministry says:

    Great idea Bob! I look forward to reading this in the days to come.

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