Principle of the Hand

There is a risk. Rarely is anything more difficult. However, the payoff brings multiplied growth as a leader.

The principle of the hand.

Paul’s concluding words to Timothy encouraged this young preacher to guard it. Paul had confidence in Christ to guard it. His second letter urged Timothy to give it to the faithful.

The principle of the hand.

Leaders recognize the abilities in others.

Achievement requires believing in others.

Success results when it is placed into the hand of others.

The principle of the hand is about entrusting others with responsibility. To entrust means “to place into the hand of another.” Timothy was instructed to guard the gospel placed into his hands. Jesus was able to guard what Paul had placed into His hands. Timothy was responsible to take the message placed into his hand and place it into the hands of the faithful.

God has entrusted us with the gospel. He carefully placed it into our hands. Are we worthy of His trust??

We have the responsibility to place it into the hands of someone else. Find one person this week and assist them in a specific task: pump the gas for someone, help carry or unload someone’s groceries, allow someone to step ahead of you at the post office, or whatever opportunity presents itself. Speak to them, and tell them what God has been doing in your life. Before you finish, remember to ask them for an e-mail address to send them personalized information about the church. Allow God to open the door, step through it, and watch God provide the blessing.

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