What Will We Give?

Sacrifice is often used to describe the event of the crucifixion, and quite accurately.

Jesus willingly laid down His life as payment for a debt we owed and could not pay. He did not deserve the cruelty He received. He had no sin. He committed no crime. He never acted inappropriately or spoke deceitfully. His was the ultimate sacrifice.

What will we give in repayment? Would we die for Him? Before answering too quickly, perhaps a better question is will we live for Him? If we are not willing to live for Him, we would never be willing to die for Him. No sacrifice.

In order for one to follow Jesus, there will be sacrifice, Lk. 9:23.

Therefore, as a disciple or a leader, there is sacrifice. Leadership requires sacrifice. Motivation is often determined by financial gain, power, personal achievement, or maybe changing the world. Regardless of the motivation, good or bad, leading others will require sacrifice. John Maxwell describes it as “giving up to go up.”

As a disciple or a leader, we give up the right to think about self. Sacrifice: what will we give?

What would we be willing to do if we knew we could not fail? Will we make the sacrifice?

Take a few minutes and write down a list of priorities. What are we willing to sacrifice to accomplish our priorities? To save the world Jesus gave His life. To change it will take ours. Think about it.

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  1. Chase Turner says:

    Very well written and very thought provoking. Enjoyed every word!

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