Expecting the Unexpected…

My wife and I went for breakfast on this Labor Day at one of our favorite spots.

Particularly today the restaurant was packed. Keep in mind we are talking mid-morning. It was unusual for the restaurant to be so busy, even for a holiday. We have a favorite waitress, an elderly woman by the name of Paulette. It is always worth the wait for her section.

While we waited for a table, we noticed only four servers and one manager working. The manager was busy cleaning tables, taking names of customers waiting to eat, and keeping his few employees as upbeat as possible.

What happened to everyone? Was management unaware of additional business on a holiday? Did employees call in last minute and take the day off?

I know as little about the operation of a restaurant as I do flying an airplane. However, there are principles of leadership with prevalent application. Expect the unexpected!

In leadership, there will always be occasions when the unexpected occurs. Retaining people is determined by how the unexpected is handled. In short, preparation for the unexpected makes the difference in success or failure.

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