Leading Leaders…

The idea of leading leaders is exciting.

However, leaders are often intimidated with someone who shows leadership ability. Is it insecurity? Are they threatened? Is it pride? Power?

To practice not leading leaders is to condemn the future. The very idea destroys opportunity for the development of men and women who will shape the destiny of others.

However, leading leaders directs the course of success for family, business, state, country and the church. John Maxwell claims, “a leader who produces other leaders multiplies their influences.”

Think about the most influential leader in your organization. If they died today, what would happen to the direction of tomorrow? Who would step in and fill the gap? Is there anyone who can do so? Will you?

No one is irreplaceable, regardless of what we might think of our abilities and contributions to the place we work. Imagine the contribution to your employer if you are leading those who will replace you, who can step in and fill the gap when you are gone.

Now that is a formula for success.

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  1. lindell mitchell says:

    One of the things the military does well is prepare the next generation of leaders. A number of my friends ,who are retired military, actually trained their replacement as their last assignment before retiring. LM

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