Business Class

I have flown over 100,000 miles in the past 18 months. I am amazed at the differences (and the cost) between economy, economy plus, first class and business class.

For an additional $120 you receive 5 inches more space for economy plus. For $700 you receive enough space to sleep, slippers for your feet and a blanket, food served on a plate (with real silverware), as well as, personal attention.

I know this, not because I have flown in business class, but because in order to exit you have to walk through this section of the plane. This was good planning on the part of the airlines.

This may mean nothing to you. However, I see a connection to leadership. Is our leadership an economy version or business class? When people walk by and observe our leadership, are they longing for a leader who delivers personal attention? Are we providing a level of comfort so they know they are well cared for by our leadership?

Try offering business class and watch the difference in those who are following.

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