A or B Side

Not trying to date myself, but I remember listening to music on LP’s and 45’s. The interesting part of 45’s involved an A and B side. The hit song was usually recorded on the A side and a filler song was on the B, of lesser quality.

I have seen this in several venues. Preachers who speak twice on Sunday tend to give the A lesson Sunday morning (largest crowd). Sadly, the Sunday night crowd often gets the B lesson.

It is true in sports. Generally, when the playoffs roll around many athletes tend to bring the A game. However, during practice or regular season games the B effort is produced (a lesson for another time).

How about our families? Do we give everyone our A side and when we get home give our families what is leftover (the B side)?

You should already know where I am going. When it comes to leading, are we producing an A effort or do we give the leftovers, a B effort?

It’s the difference in producing a hit or just a filler. The choice is ours.

2 comments on “A or B Side

  1. lindell mitchell says:

    Those of us who preach should never concede to the temptation to provide a sub-standard effort to the most faithful who return on Sunday evening. I take it as a compliment when someone says on Sunday evening, “You should have preached that on Sunday morning!” I tell them it is my sincere intent to preach only Sunday A.M. sermons. No one hits a home run every time but it would be our goal.

  2. Obed Anthony says:

    I believe that Jesus Christ is the greatest servant that has ever lived but I do nor remember any scripture where he poured out blames. I think blames are a part of fault finding and should be avoided.

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