Destination or Journey?

For several months plans have been made for our arrival to several African countries. The work has been completed and now I am on my way home. I am constantly amazed how quickly time passes by.

Our goals, and the plans to reach those goals, are vital to the success of the work. However, is it the destination that brings satisfaction, or is it the journey?

The anticipation along the way keeps us focused and determined. Completion brings an element of satisfaction, but there is little time to rest. Another goal must be put in place.

Biblically, we find it is the same. On the journey, we are focused and determined, eagerly anticipating the promises of God. Thankfully, when the journey is completed, there will be an eternal element to reaching the goal.

Leadership will never end while we live. We are on a journey. We need to stay focused and determined to reach the goal. Allow the satisfaction to be provided in knowing we have made the journey all we needed to reach the goal.

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