Traveling by train or plane, by car or motorcycle, on foot or bicycle, all requires time. The amount of time to travel is often determined by the individual and/or destination.

Regardless, at some point along the way, we will be required to “wait.” Why are we waiting? We may be waiting in traffic. Possibly, we will wait for mechanical problems. We may wait on someone else. We may wait on “acts of nature.”

All in all, we generally wait because of matters beyond our control. In my travels I have seen many lines where I had to stand/sit and wait. As I write this post, I am waiting to get my tickets to fly home.

However, think about the application to leadership. Political parties are waiting for an individual who can lead them. Congregations of the Lord’s church are waiting for men to lead them. Application could be found in nearly all areas.

Are others waiting for you or me to lead them?

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  1. Chann Lork says:

    Good statement, I love it. It’s reminded me in the Mathew 9:37-38.
    There are so many souls in Cambodia also need someone to lead them into the flock of Christ.
    Love you brother thanks for your update of leadership.
    God bless you and your trip.

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